Our Purpose


JoyGuru Humanitarian Services focuses on:

  1. Serving and treating vision impaired and blind people who cannot afford care
  2. Helping combat poverty by providing food, clothing, medicine and education
  3. Empowering girls & women through self-defense and education
  4. Discovering the inner potential of underprivileged children in the community by opening a “School of Good Citizenship”
  5. Teaching classes on managing personal finances and public speaking for underprivileged children in the community.

Ultimately our vision includes establishing the “JOYGURU HUMANITARIAN CENTER” in Worcester, MA. This facility will include an eye clinic, food distribution center for the homeless, and classroom facilities where these and other services will be provided free of charge to the underprivileged.


JOYGURU HUMANITARIAN SERVICES exhibits honesty, accountability and transparency in every aspect of our operations, from fundraising to distribution to recordkeeping and reporting.

It is our desire to foster hope, harmony and balance in the word through our actions. And we believe that maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards is a prerequisite. We wish for JOYGURU HUMANITARIAN SERVICES to be well recognized for its actions and its values, in our local community and around the world.

In the long run we wish to foster a stronger and much better community and bring a balance to the world.



  • Be unselfish in providing help
  • Find personal satisfaction and reward in helping others
  • Reflect a genuine and pure passion in serving those in need
  • Provide a source of hope, strength and a better life for those who feel hopeless
  • Exemplify the 4H’s of Service: Help. Heal. Hope. Humanity.