About Dr. Satya Mitra

Dr. Satya Mitra
PH.D., E.A, CFP®

Dr. Satya Mitra grew up with challenges, under the burden of poverty and extremely difficult conditions during his childhood. The youngest of three children, he was born 12 years after his older brother and 9 years after his older sister. His mother passed away when he was only three and a half years old. There were days and nights he spent as homeless with his father who became ill and ultimately became blind, but there were several people who supported him along the way, and encouraged his dream of earning an education.

At many points along his journey, he felt a divine influence arranging his steps. Ever since childhood, Satya vowed that someday, given the opportunity and the blessings of the almighty, he would dedicate his life to helping people and giving them hope, thereby fulfilling the purpose of his life.

Dr. Mitra finished his Ph.D. in Biochemistry in India and came to the USA in 1976 to pursue his career in Bio-medical research. But with the spiritual guidance of his family priest, or Guru, Dr. Mitra instead began a career as a tax consultant, financial planner and investment advisor. In 1990, he established his own tax consultancy and financial planning practice. Today, he is the President and CEO of “The Guru Tax & Financial Services, Inc.” located in Worcester, MA. Starting from ground zero in his basement, his practice now occupies a professional office with employees in Worcester, and serves over 500 clients in 26 different states across the USA and in many countries internationally.

In the last 27 years he has not only built a successful and reputable business; he has used his success to help his community in various ways. Dr. Mitra strongly believes that every one of us is here not only to care for ourselves, but to be there for others as well. He feels that business owners must dedicate themselves to serving the communities where they have enjoyed their success.

Dr. Mitra is a humanitarian, a community servant and a recognized leader. He is a member of the Planning Board of the City of Worcester; a Board member of The Chamber of Commerce; Worcester State University Foundation; Greater Worcester Community Foundation; Tower Hill Botanical Garden; Worcester Rotary Club; Mechanics Hall, Worcester, National Speakers Association, New England; PACE Universal Foundation, CA; JoyGuru Humanitarian Services; and a corporator of Worcester Art Museum and YMCA, Worcester.

He was the President of Worcester Rotary Club; the India Society of Worcester and Indian American Forum for Political Education, Boston; and a Vice Chairperson of the City of Worcester Planning Board and Assistant District Governor of Rotary District 7910.

Satya is the recipient of the Community Service Award and Action Hero Award, and was twice named Rotarian of the Year. And the Mayor of Worcester, MA honored Dr. Mitra with a Key to the City.

Dr. Mitra is a member of the National Speaker’s Association (NSA) and NSA New England. He regularly delivers motivational speeches within the US around the world. As a public speaker, Dr. Mitra is profoundly passionate to motivate and inspire his audience; he speaks on successful entrepreneurship, good leadership and the true essence of success focusing on finding purpose in life. He firmly believes that if entrepreneurs and business owners enjoy success in a community, they owe a debt to the people of that community. In this way, he trusts that people can help bring harmony and balance to their world. Visit Dr. Mitra’s professional speaking website.

“Let’s Balance the World”
At Peace Memorial, Hiroshima, JAPAN

We are all born with two packages of responsibilities in our fists, one is the responsibility towards our children and family and the other is the responsibility towards someoene else; life’s success is accomplished when we deliver both the packages. Let’s not lose or neglect those packages but deliver them. The true essence of life is touching another life.

Satya Mitra

He also hosted a weekly radio program for over 5 years entitled “Not Only Money.” There, he inspired his audience to take ownership and to be a part of the process of making their community a better place to live.

In 2016, Dr. Mitra and his wife Sheema established a foundation named JOY GURU HUMANITARIAN SERVICES. This nonprofit charitable organization is dedicated to serving the disadvantaged and underprivileged members of our community. It aims to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by poverty, homelessness, and other social conditions as well as blindness and visual impairment. JOYGURU HUMANITARIAN SERVICES also promotes the empowerment of women and girls around the world.

Satya Mitra takes inspiration from the blessings of his Guru and the constant support of his wife Sheema and his two sons Abiskar and Alingon.

“This life is short, the vanities of the world are transient, but they alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive”

Swami Vivekananda