About Guru

GURU means Teacher or Priest. A Guru is someone who gives you directions to lead your life in the proper path, to help you feel accomplished and be positive. A Guru is the one who infuses within his or her disciples the sense of being good to all. A Guru is the powerhouse of wisdom to disciples. To have a Guru in one’s life is to be highly privileged and blessed.

Dr. Satya Mitra, his wife Sheema and their two sons consider themselves very fortunate to have had a Guru in their lives, the late Sri Sri Mohanananda Maharajji. He was a spiritual pundit, philanthropist and dedicated community servant. Born in Kolkata, India, he left home at the age of 17 to find a Guru to teach him about the essence of life, religion and spirituality. After his Guru, the late Swami Balananda Maharaj taught him these lessons, Sri Sri Mohanananda Maharajji moved from place to place in India and abroad.

As he traveled, Guru spread his message of helping needy people all over the world. He delivered his message by way of religious and spiritual songs and discourses. He spoke words of wisdom, and manifested the Supernatural Power he had cultivated within himself. Many who listened to his messages became either staunch devotees or disciples, and the number of his followers in India and abroad totaled in the hundreds of thousands. He received huge donations from his disciples. He created a trust and used the money to open several charitable schools, hospitals, and shelters for poor people in India and abroad. There, every needy person enjoyed free services. Guru’s charitable work and the number of organizations he established are remarkable and inspiring. Throughout his life, he immersed himself completely in doing good in the world.

Guru Mohanananda Maharaj was an avid traveler; he believed in visiting all his disciples all over the world. In general, most Gurus stay in their temple and disciples travel from all over to visit them. But he was different. He used to say “floating water collects no dirt,” so he regularly traveled from one place to the other. He was a lover of nature, music and song. Whenever he visited a disciple’s home, all of his followers living nearby would flock to that house. They would visit the Guru, enjoying music and singing and listening to his advice and discourses. An evening with the Guru was always a joyful and peaceful time. His blessings offered real peace, confidence and joy to every disciple he touched. He was a godly source of assurance and reliability to all.

Satya and Sheema Mitra became acquainted with Guru after their marriage. During one of his visits to their home in Worcester, MA in 1987 Guru blessed them both to become his disciples. Later in 1991 Guru also blessed their two sons, Abiskar and Alingon, to be disciples. The Mitra family feels immensely privileged to have had Guru as a part of their life’s direction. Guru, also lovingly known as “BABA”, was a godly power in their everyday lives.

The Mitras believed that his blessings led them in the right direction and they followed his instructions without fail. It was Guru’s instruction that led Dr. Mitra to leave his scientific career without hesitation and become a tax and financial advisor. They were unsure how they would survive this sudden change with little financial backup, but due to the entire family’s strong faith in Guru, Satya and Sheema followed his advice. They named their business “The Guru Tax & Financial Services, Inc.” in his honor.

Guru instilled in the Mitras this message: “with this vehicle of your business, always make sure you help the community by sharing your success and making this enterprise a source of hope and strength for those who are not so privileged.” The family is fully dedicated to helping the community to fulfill the mission of their Guru and the passion of their own.

In 1999, at the age of 96, their Guru passed away in McMinnville, TN, USA. The Mayor of the town then declared to co-name the town as “Mohananandaville” in honor of Guru Mohanananda Maharaj.

Satya, Sheema and sons Abiskar and Alingon strongly believe that their Guru is still their within their hearts navigating them through the course of their lives. To continue to do good deeds in their community and help as many needy people as possible, they established their own charitable foundation in 2016. To honor their Guru, they named the foundation as “JOYGURU HUMANITARIAN SERVICES, Inc.” This foundation will not only keep their Guru’s spirit alive, it will also be a forum that will continue to receive his blessings from heaven and be a force doing noble works.

The values of the foundation will preserve and embody the lessons they learned from their Guru by being able to HELP, being a source of HOPE, being able to HEAL another’s pain and in serving HUMANITY. These form the true essence of our real purpose on Earth: to touch another life!

The Mitras readily attest that the success they have enjoyed has been possible due to their Guru’s advice, blessing and direction. They look forward to dedicating the rest of their lives to helping underprivileged people through JOYGURU HUMANITARIAN SERVICES, and carrying forward the mission of their loving and revered GURU.

Our Guru

Sri Sri Mohanananda Maharajji


The above Sanskrit verse means “Guru is the Lord, the Creator and the Protector; and it is a special blessing to have a Guru in one’s life. One is immensely fortunate to be able to come in contact with Guru in person and get the divine touch. To Guru; let’s offer our utmost respect and profound reverence.”